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Poppycock 2013; Marker on Paper.
h7.25 x w8 in. 

Days never end. One day flows into the next with no end, no break, no nothing. Sometimes I feel like I’m in a vacuum of sorts. It pulls me from one second to the next, chewing and distorting the past.

Fall 1998
Rabbit 2013; Marker on Paper.
h8 x w7.25 in. 

Long Forgotten
I am too comfortable I fear,
For my indolence has found a bliss,
I have denied too long.
My mind circles over objects long forgotten:
Hermit crabs, boxers, magic potions.

And it all seems to spiral.

As if Jack has finally ripped his revenge,
I ran from him once again…

Pace quickening terror grabbing all it can,
Chasing the innocent to do its bidding.

Stupidity imparted to all those who cannot know,
Suspended in false desires.

Spring 2000
Hand 2013; Marker on Paper.
h8 x w7.25 in. 

There was no before
No time before time
This was always here
It is the only thing that is mine

Winter 2013


Daydream 2001; Pastel Paper.
h24 x w18 in.

“Did you see me,
The bitterness from the sea?”
“All that remained
Was a shell of rusty rose.”

2005; Inspiration: Epitaph
by Anonymous (c.800)

Disruption 2012; Conté on Paper. 
h16 x w24 in.

Names, we write names.
Endlessly and in a circular pattern.
Perhaps one will shine through…
Out of the white, out of the dark….
Perhaps we will get bored and try to write something new.

Fall 2012


Can-can 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

Pumpkin Queen
I am the pumpkin queen,
As I did, I do once more,
I relish in being mean,
You will shake to the core.

But, I have lost my heart’s delight.
And I stare alone at his grave.
Yet you would never know upon sight,
That I have no one left to save.

2006; Inspiration: Pomona
by William Morris (1834-1896)


Truss 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

On this winter eve,
All the people lie quiet,
And in the foggy night,
For I die to see light,
Blameless the bed, the pillow, the chair.

2009; Inspiration: Moon
by Jusammi Chikako (c. 1300)


Bulbous 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

While his love pours into me,
And old age is not yet embraced;
His reluctant touch
Sticks and pins and yet trudges along.
Companions through all
Striving only to endure
Constantly tearing
And mending back together.

2012; Inspiration: While his Body's Vigor is Whole
by Bhartihari (c.650)


Clouds 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

In my mind
I am dead.
Those that weep for me
Still may.

I speak no more
No me and you
I move my lips in vain
Plowed myself through the ground.

I embellished.
I denied.
It kept
My head above the flames.

I remain
I am spent,
Life without breath.

It’s all the same.

2009; Inspiration: In My View 
by Takaram (1598-1649)


Grandma 2003; Collage on Board.
h11 x w14 in.

And it Fades
And it fades…the memory, the guilt, the sorrow.

Straws, pieces of life.

No conclusion… pressing the finite.

Summer 2005
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