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Daydream 2001; Pastel Paper.
h24 x w18 in.

“Did you see me,
The bitterness from the sea?”
“All that remained
Was a shell of rusty rose.”

2005; Inspiration: Epitaph
by Anonymous (c.800)

Disruption 2012; Conté on Paper. 
h16 x w24 in.

Names, we write names.
Endlessly and in a circular pattern.
Perhaps one will shine through…
Out of the white, out of the dark….
Perhaps we will get bored and try to write something new.

Fall 2012


Walking 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

That’s the game right?
To pull myself
From yet another slumbering womb.

No dreams of spots and stripes,
No bushy tail lifting my skirt —
Solid conformity.
The dream of becoming forgotten.

No comfort here,
as I breathe his last breath.

I want to give it back.
Fill him.
A piñata with wings.

The eternal child as memory distilled,
A dream of love never-ending—
But we don’t, I don’t, we can’t, let’s leave.

Summer 2005

Decision 2004; Collage, Acetate & Ink.
h9 x w6.5 in.  Experimental Venus Series.

On Ancient Lies
My beauty broken,
Skeletal remains a faithless token.

Dangling behind a door,
the shame of a generation
I am his failed creation.

Shattered dreams,
Fermenting porcelain and quiet denial,
Against a cadaver’s broken smile–
Coaxing sickness dissolves,
As if this body weren’t mine.

Spring 2006

Yellow 2004; Collage, Acetate & Ink.
h8 x w5 in.  Experimental Series.

Men Cause all Sin
Men cause
all sin,

but can be honest
in time

twice against
the dice,

Neither money
nor wife.

2005; Inspiration: Women All Cause Rue
by Palladas (c.360-430)
Dissolving 2012; Conté on Paper. 
h24 x w16 in.

Broken Bridges
We wander over broken bridges, under auspicious delights,
Amid closed knees and kinki-headed dreams,
And water with no fish and stubborn seams.
Upon whose future fade into dust,
Names held bright flutter past the rim.

2006; Inspiration: The Field of Sorrow
by Ausonius (c. 310-395)

Velvet 2004; Collage, Acetate & Ink.
h10 x w7 in. Experimental Series.

Flush in creature comforts,
I am the destroyer without wings;
Chemical cancer has come a calling,
And I, a dutiful daughter trained on oozes,
And oozing delights of flesh run cold,
Have responded in kind.

Spring 2006


Man 2010; Collage & Colored Pencil.
h6 x w6 in.  Image from sketchbook.

Through a cold dream
In an unkempt room
I fidget and sloth

And as we drift across an abyss
His breath keeps time
Keeping me here, of singular mind

Fall 2012


Birth 2004; Collage, Acetate & Ink on Board.
h22 x w18 in.

Obsessed with preservation
Collectors fight to negate time;
The body snaps to the present,
Seizes against control
A battle against the inevitable.

I flounder, flopping out of their bubble
Again surrounded by the isolation of thought
Fire grows, the stupidity of an arrogant generation
We wilt beneath the spotlight.

Miming the common,
Disparaging the unknown
Trapped in a cancer, I once coerced
Surging forward, lines pop amidst the calm
…the world spins solutions to the problems
It is programmed to create…
And I turn inward, revolted and evolved.

Fall 2012


Dwelling 2012; Conté on Paper. 
h16 x w24 in.

The Destroyer
I, the destroyer,
said to him, the creator:

All I want
comes from your breast,
and I will follow heaven
to bring you in death;
in the end I will
burn your children black.
My mother’s gift
brought down upon thee.

But you left
to self-procreate.
You never dreamed
that we are entwined
like honey to bee.

2004; Inspiration: Woman 
by Hira Bansode (b. 1939)
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